Saturday, October 19, 2013

Silver Sands

Last year, on a post you can find somewhere down the page, I told you about a wonderful vacation spot in NC called Silver Sands Motel.  It is located on White Lake, near Elizabethtown.  It is a small, quaint motel right on the lake and if you have a chance to get away for a few days this summer, I can highly recommend a visit here.  Since I posted last year, I can't begin to tell you about the renovations that have been done this year.  For a little background, this motel was owned by a man for years and years.  Several years ago, he sold the motel to an outside party.  Partly due to the age of the motel, and partly due to some neglect on the new owner's part, the motel fell into some disrepair.  A couple of years ago, the man's family was able to get the motel back.  Since then, they have worked tirelessly to make repairs, update, landscape and generally bring the motel back to life.
               Are they finished?  Nope.  Everything isn't as perfect yet as they would like for it to be, but if you make it there this summer, you will still enjoy your stay.  The rooms are clean, the beds are comfortable, and the relaxing atmosphere and beautiful view can't be beat.  In addition to central heat and air-conditioning, the rooms each boast a full kitchen.  Or, if you would prefer, grills are available for outdoor cooking.  The sandy beach is very clean, and there are plenty of comfy chairs to park yourself  in!  The management staff is friendly and before you leave, you will know you have made some new friends. They will do everything possible to make sure your stay is a good one. The best part is that the rates are really, really reasonable. 

As an added bonus, they do allow you to bring your small dogs (there is a weight/size limit), so if your pooch is used to being a part of the family vacation, no problem!  Daisy (motel guard dog/lifeguard pictured above), will be there to greet them! 

There are certain rooms and buildings that can accomodate large families and groups, and if you have golfers in your group, Myrtle Beach isn't too far away!  If you want more information, go to their page on Facebook (Silver Sands Motel) and read more.  If you go once, I am betting that you will go again.  It's just that kind of place!


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