Tuesday, October 26, 2010

In the pink chair is my cat, Smudge. He is really old (about 16), but acts like a kitten most of the time. My dog, Chai, is the best pet ever. I got him as a house-warming gift from the lady I bought my home from and he turned 5 in August. I inherited Lucky (the one on the left) with the house. She was wild and wouldn't come close, but I fed her. Now she sleeps on my bed every night. The black cat on the right is one of Lucky's kittens, Tripod. He was born in April of 2006 under my house. One day, I went into my bedroom and there were all four of Lucky's kittens, on my bed. Tripod was the runt, and was missing part of one of his back legs. It hasn't slowed him down at all, though. He catches birds all the time, and squirrels, which he loves to bring to me...live. I am getting pretty good at trapping all the little creatures he brings into the house and getting them back outside.

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